Modern Gifts for the Jewelry Obsessed Loved One in Your Life

Have a jewelry obsessed loved one in your life? Well, you don’t have to spend a fortune to give them a really great gift they’ll love to wear while they think of you. Yes, Valentine’s Day is coming up quickly but these pieces of jewelry are great gifts all year long. Take a look at these 8 great jewelry options that will inspire you to express your love!

>>> Buy >>> Béton Silver Hoop Necklace from Tom Pigeon
A minimalist necklace anyone would love for everyday wear with a simple hand-crafted, solid silver ring floating on a silver chain.

>>> Buy >>> Swoon Earrings from TOPODOM
3D printed earrings that will make your loved one swoon, featuring three semicircular shapes in three pops of color that make a statement.

>>> Buy >>> Machina Q Ring from LACE by Jenny Wu
With a size range from 5 – 13 and a mix of stainless steel and bronze, this universal, industrial-inspired ring can be adjusted thanks to the mechanistic hardware.

>>> Buy >>> Austin Gold Pendant Necklace from Rahya Jewelry Design
A classic golden bar that graduates to points on either end making it simple enough for daily wear, either solo or layered with other necklaces.

>>> Buy >>> Flow Ring from maison 203
A bold, 3d printed ring inspired by the Moebius band – a ring given a 180-degree twist – featuring two fluid loops that allow for adjustable sizing. The Flow Ring is available in eight colorways so you can select their favorite color for added delight.

>>> Buy >>> Geometric Gold Heart Cuff from tothemetal
If you want to say “I love you” but not in an overtly syrupy way, this cuff is perfect. It has two geometric hearts on either end giving it a modern aesthetic.

>>> Buy >>> Micro Concrete Cufflinks #7 from Material Immaterial studio
You might associate cufflinks with tuxedos or suits, but anyone can add a pair of cufflinks to their favorite shirt with buttons and this modern concrete design will definitely add intrigue.

>>> Buy >>> Rose Gold Stud Earrings from Simplicated Jewelry
Small but not too small, simple but not boring, these rose gold studs add a silver band around the center to make them stand out.

>>> Want more modern jewelry ideas for your jewelry-obsessed loved one? Head to the Design Milk Shop here! <<<

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