MADE IN EDIT Presents ORA: A Design Ritual That Reinvents Wellness

Ages ago in 2018, Emilia Petruccelli and Domitilla Dardi conceived MADE IN EDIT, a project with the goal of enhancing cultural resources and local manufacturing through special collaborations meant to develop, research and create new products. For the second edition of EDIT Napoli, MADE IN EDIT presents ORA, a collection of tools that aim to reinvent wellness through a new daily ritual.


Fontana (fountain)

Created by Sara Ricciardi, designer, and produced by Simone Piva, refined craftsman and master of materials, the name of the collection derives from the Benedictine monition — ora et labora (pray and work). Ricciardi and Piva have brought to life a new definition of wellness, one that’s measured and aware, using careful gestures meant to respect the materials and their strength.


Fontana (fountain)

The ORA sequence includes six objects, creating a ritual that starts with the Fontana (fountain) in rose quartz and copper, which activates the cycle of water in the circular shape of the ouroboros, a symbol of perfection and constant transformation. Next is the use of the Incensiere (censer) in copper to stimulate the olfactory sense, and two Massaggiatori (massagers) for opening the energy channels of the hands and feet by rubbing them with rough slabs of rose quartz. Time is marked by Clessidra, an open hourglass. End the ritual with a series of Pesi Specifici (weights) for gentle strengthening. The diverse raw materials used – zebrawood, Nero Marquina marble, pink marble, brass and Vincenza Stone in yellow and grey – determine the value and intensity of energy exerted.

MADE IN EDIT’s wheels are continually turning, and the creators are currently working on the 2021 collection, which will be presented during the third edition of EDIT Napoli.

woman holder incense holder

Incensiere (censor)

hands holding circular object

Massaggiatore mani

legs standing on round object

Massaggiatore piedi

circular object

Massaggiatores (massagers)


Clessidra (hourglass)


Pesi Speccifici (weights)

arm with weight

Pesi Speccifici (weights)

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Photos by Marco Maria Zanin.