Jinyeong Yeon Turns Basic Galvanized Angle Steel into Sculptural Furniture

You’ve probably seen it but might not know what it’s called unless you’re in the construction industry. Galvanized angle steel is a building material most often used for structural support or reinforcement, and not a material typically associated with the furniture world. Seoul-based designer Jinyeong Yeon looked at the raw material and saw beautiful possibilities beyond its intended use and created the Galvanized Angle Series.

The Galvanized Angle Series comprises chairs and lighting, all made from the steel material which has an iridescent quality now thanks to zinc oxide. Skipping nuts and bolts, Jinyeong welded each piece of galvanized angle together to form a zigzag pattern that enhances the forms and angles of the chairs and lamps. Between the undulating, perforated surfaces and the color shifts, the resulting forms feel like sculptural pieces of functional art.